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Covid Misinformation


Trustworthy Websites

First off and most importantly, we recommend using the following websites for factual information that comes directly from doctors who are actually researching and treating patients. 

  • America's Frontline Doctors - This group of doctors and lawyers is literally on the frontline of this battle. We highly encourage you to donate monetary funds and search through their trove of information. They offer a tele-medicine portal for treatment and give legal advice.

  • Association of American Physicians and Surgeons - This is another group of doctors that is constantly updating people on medical facts, news, and treatment options.

  • No Jab for Me - Here is a great website that has an extensive amount of FACTS/information from multiple different sources that is constantly being updated. We HIGHLY encourage everyone to read this in its entirety and click on the hyperlinks (on some of the links you may have to type in the web page to see the actual website or image that is being mentioned). This website alone has enough information to prove the misconception of this so-called "pandemic." We could actually stop this list of resources here due to the amount of information given in this website.

Cases & Deaths


Please remember that the survival rates for COVID-19, without treatment (which there is), are the following:  


  • Ages 0-19 - 99.997%

  • Ages 20-49 - 99.98%

  • Ages 50-69 - 99.5%

  • Ages 70+ - 94.6%


There is absolutely no reason for shutdowns, social distancing, masks nor to live in fear of something that will most likely not kill you. In the following video, America's Frontline Doctors speak about testing inaccuracies.


There are a number of articles reporting inflated case/death numbers: 


Ineffective Testing

Don't forget that the FDA also recalled the antigen COVID tests that have been used under emergency authorization use since the beginning of the "pandemic" because of their inaccuracy (sources below). Therefore, we don't  know how many people ACTUALLY had COVID-19 or how many did not. What a joke! Asymptomatic COVID cases are MISINFORMATION. 



Masks & Lockdowns


Here is the best summary we've seen so far: Time to Reopen Society.

If you are not familiar with reading research papers, scroll down to the conclusion/discussion part to read what their findings were for the following papers. 


Children in the "Pandemic"

The following articles discuss the science behind the harm we are doing to children with school lockdowns and masks.


COVID-19 Treatment


The biggest lie of them all: there is no cure/treatment for COVID-19. The NIH knew SINCE 2005 that chloroquine, similar to Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), worked as prophylaxis and treatment against COVID-19, and the FDA/CDC won't allow it to be used as treatment.


Below is a list of other published research (look at the dates they were published).



How dare any medical professional say there is no medical treatment for COVID-19 and insinuate that these medicines are harming patients! IT'S CALLED EVIDENCE BASED MEDICINE. 


Here is a good resource of different treatment protocols.  Also, budosenide (Pulmicort/Symbicort) is hardly mentioned, but it also seems to be very effective and safe in all ages. 


NOTE: Please make sure you also seek advice from a health provider when seeking/using treatment. 



COVID-19 Vaccines


First of all, it's technically not a vaccine, even by definition. The patent most of them are filed under is a MEDICAL DEVICE.  Therefore, the "COVID-19 vaccine" is an EXPERIMENTAL MEDICAL DEVICE. 


Honestly, our biggest issue with vaccines is that they should not be MANDATED onto anyone, ESPECIALLY CHILDREN. Especially when there is a 99% recovery rate for most people! There also shouldn't be any restrictions if you choose to get vaccinated or not. We all have free will and it should be your choice if you want it or not. Consent and transparency should also be given about any drug or vaccine, which is not currently being done. 


Personally, I would never put another vaccine in my body or my child's, after what I have learned about all the ingredients that are placed in them. I would also not recommend it to any patient knowing that there are different treatments out there that work. -Miguel Escobar, PA


Nothing will ever be as strong as your own body's immunity (two sources to this statement can be found below). Take care of your body, eat healthy, exercise, be spiritual, and everything will be okay. 


A lot of information about the different vaccines can be found in the No Jab for Me website. Below you'll also find a list some of the misinformation that is being told in the news. 



You can still get or give COVID even if you are vaccinated:



The vaccine can cause immunogenicity which is not good for the body:



For more vaccine info, follow Dr. Robert Malone (an inventor of the mRNA vaccine) on his Twitter page. He doesn't necessarily agree with how the vaccines are being used either and posts great informationYou don't need a Twitter account to see what he posts, just click on the link: 



The following articles give a glimpse as to why the CDC, FDA, and WHO act as they do and not as we expect that they would. 



Most Recent News


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