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Our Mission

 TxLightGuardians is a group of Patriots, Parents, Healers, Educators, Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Artists and God-driven people that have come together to fight back against the injustices, corruption and medical tyranny that is spreading all over this great country. We pride ourselves in our love of family, freedom and God. We are primarily all located in South Texas with intentions on growing and spreading our community all over Texas. 
Our mission is to help the community build up courage, stand up and protect the freedoms that have been given to them by God and to know the Laws of Nature that dictate life on this awesome planet


Please donate via CashApp
username is: $txlightgaurdians
*If you have tha app you can do it on your phone or click here for the site.

Thank you for your donation!

- Miguel

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 Miguel Escobar is a Texas born Father, Leader, God loving, Animal loving, and Earth loving Physician Assistant (PA) that currently lives in South Texas. He studied Biology at Texas A&M University and finished his Master's degree in PA studies at UT Rio Grande Valley University. He has 15 years of experience working in many areas of the Healthcare system and brings forth immense energy, passion, empathy and forward thinking practices to his community. 

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Texas Light Guardians

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